All About the A1C

Diabetes-Girl-A1CIn the interest of being honest with all of you out there, I’m going to confess something: I haven’t always been the best mom of a diabetic. I don’t do much in the way of advocacy or research, and because diabetes is almost always hovering around the edges of my mind and my days, I am often grateful for the distraction of my other three children, my work, and general life happenings.

On Being Whole, and Staying that Way

Diabetes-Power-WalkingThe title of this blog post seems to suggest something sinister, or maybe that its writer has watched too much true-crime TV lately. Neither scenario is true, but I have been thinking about how life can “take us apart” if we allow it. I won’t know what happens to me in the afterlife until I make the transition, but I do know that chronic disease including diabetes and cancer can physically and mentally destroy us.

Teaching Classmates About Diabetes

Diabetes-Teaching-ClassmatesStarting a new school year can be intimidating for any child, but going back in September with diabetes can be downright scary. What will the other kids think? What will they say? Will anyone like me because I’m different? For most kids, sharing information about diabetes at the beginning of the year will help alleviate some of those fears.

An Unexpected Vacation, An Unexpected Friend

Diabetes-Beach-FriendsFor many years now, we’d been able to rent a lovely house for a week in one of the quieter Cape Cod towns, but, for a number of reasons, it didn’t happen this year. So when the house became available over Labor Day weekend, we jumped at the chance to have a mini-summer vacation.

Our Diagnosis Story

Diabetes-Diagnosis-StoryNow that I’ve been blogging for a while here at Be Sure To Test, I thought it was time I shared our diagnosis story with you. Here is the narrative, culled from my writing a couple of months after that scary few days:

All I could do was stand in the ICU, mute, staring at the still body of my eight-year-old daughter. All I could do was pray that she would live.

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